Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Something happened!

I got some news tonight that's really very big news. And I have always been afraid of being caught out by writing here and having people steal my work, or finding out about me through reading here. Well someone in my life is going to be famous at some point soon and I cannot risk being indiscreet here. So I'm very sorry to all my readers, but I am going to quit writing a weblog from now on.

It's also really interfered with my own diary-keeping, and I really should start taking my diary seriously. It may well be used to write biographies at some point in the future. Of course I might be wrong about all this but I don't think I am, and if I am wrong, well no harm done because I haven't explained myself here anyway.

Goodbye readers.

I will keep the weblog so I can still comment on other people's blogs.

I leave you a very happy bunny indeed. Things can only get better!